What are the differences between laser times and stopwatch times?​

                             What are the differences between laser times and stopwatch times?

  1. Stopwatch times are dependent on two things- the athlete and the timer.  Typically there is a margin of error of .25-.45 seconds when using stopwatch depending on how quickly the timer reacts to seeing the athlete begin and then starting the watch.  Basically, there can be a variance which could make a 4.8 40 yard sprint closer to a 5.3 in real laser time.
  2. Hand Start stopwatch and laser finish- same idea as above but more accurate as the laser finish gives a finite number to the run.
  3. Laser start and laser finish (Zybek Sports)- the absolute real time as you dictate your start and finish through the laser gates.   These are your real numbers “These numbers are on you” and give you your real information on where you stand.
  4. Is Zybek the only laser technology out there?  No, there is some great technology out there that can help measure your times.  The technology is only half of why HARDKORE and Zybek are the best.
  5. Then why Zybek and HARDKORE?  We take your numbers and input them into our National  database (100,000 plus strong) to help you see where you stand relative to age, gender, and sport. No one in the world has this database and this is why the SAT is trademarked and the National Football League trusts Zybek.  Zybek  gives the best and most accurate information to NFL teams to make million dollar decisions based on an athletes results every April.   Schools such as Oklahoma, Michigan, and Texas A and M have invested in Zybek in their Strength and Conditioning Facilities as well to prep them for the NFL.
  6. What if I am not a top tier athlete?  These numbers give you concrete numbers to start with in regards to athletics.  By no means are these the bottom line on your success in athletics but a great way to gauge how to proceed and go after your goals.