Hardkore Testing

Hardkore Testing incorporates the same methods and measurements used at the NFL Combine. We offer individual athlete and team options. Want to get bigger, faster, and strong? Inquire about our training options to make your numbers pop.

  • Reaction Testing
  • ACL Injury Prevention
  • Keiser Strength (Bench/ Squats)
  • PRO Stair Endurance
  • SkillMill and SkillRun Testing

Individual Combines

Offered 2x Per Week

Team Combines

Scheduled to Fit You

Combine Training

Boost Your Numbers


Hardkore Athletics is The Official Training Partner of Zybek Sports

Zybek Sports is the trusted athletic testing supplier of The NFL Combine and the Olympic Training Center.

Hardkore Athletics Testing

Rockland, Massachusetts

HardKore is the first SAT Testing Center in the Country partnered with Zybek Sports.  Zybek Sports has done the NFL Combine for the past 10 years as well as run the Olympic Training Center.  HardKore uses Zybek laser equipment to give you the unbiased, most accurate athletic testing scores possible.  These scores can be used for your own knowledge, to use within a certain group or team, or analyzed against an international database second to none to access where you stand.  HardKore does not endorse any one training company but only seeks to help you know where you stand and how you can improve. We offer various packages including base scores, comparison group scores, and the full SAT with the ability to do video with still frames to break down your form.

3D Scan. Watch this!

Full scan of body for college coaches- add your personal data such as Name, town etc and add on your combine stats (optional at no extra cost).